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The Sunshine Valley Volunteer Fire Department is funded by property owners becoming a member of the SVVFD Society, by donations from local businesses, as well as Gaming Grants from the B C Government. The $100 membership fee goes directly to funding the operations of the Department. We, the SVVFD would like to encourage all property owners of the Valley to support your volunteers by joining the Society.

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Exterior Operations Service Level Definition

Exterior Operations Level fire service firefighters shall not enter any building, vehicle, dumpster or other object if an IDLH atmosphere is present. If an IDLH atmosphere is present, Exterior Operation firefighters shall only engage in external fire suppression activities. Operational Guidelines that restrict them to Exterior Operations must be written and enforced by the department, even though they may possess equipment that would otherwise permit them to respond at a higher level.

On occasions where the department responds to a simple incident, such as a pot on the stove or electrical outlet fire and an IDLH atmosphere does not yet exist, it is reasonable to address the issue from inside the structure. However, if an IDLH atmosphere develops or the fire progresses beyond the object of origin, or the environment or structure become compromised in any way, all firefighters must immediately withdraw to the exterior and combat the situation from the outside.

Exterior Operations require at least three personnel to be carried out safely and effectively. A target response time, as applicable and acceptable to the AHJ, should be established.

Exterior Operations Team Leaders are trained to supervise safe exterior operations only. The Exterior Operations Risk Management Officer is an administrative role focused on ensuring departmental safe work practices and adherence to the relevant regulations and standards.

The External Operations Level applies to all external fire ground operational functions except support positions such as, but not restricted to: rehab/first aid, first medical responder, vehicle driver. Specific training for these roles, and applicable to the hazards involved, is still required for these positions and must be addressed elsewhere in departmental training programs.

IDHL- Immediate Danger to Life and Health       AHJ- Authority Having Jurisdiction

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