Sunshine Valley Volunteer Fire Department


Fire Chief & Vice President: Mark Wilson - (604) 526-6141

Board of Directors - 2015

President/Treasurer: Laura Williams -

Vice President: Andrew (Booker) Bennett -

Director: Mark Wilson -

Director: Aaron Harris -

Director: Norm Barker - N/A

Secretary: Brian Dodd -

Emergency Number  

The phone number for emergencies for the Sunshine Valley Volunteer Fire Department is 604-869-2404. This number is for emergencies only. The number connects you to our emergency paging system. A machine answers and asks you to state your name, lot number, phone number and the nature of the emergency. This information is then immediately paged to our fire fighters in the valley. All fire fighters are required to carry their pagers at all times. Firefighters will then respond to the fire hall, dress and respond to your location.

71731 Meadow Rd. (Sunshine Valley) Hope, BC V0X 1L5

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